Praise Jesus Rev. Angela,
Thanks for the Newsletter with wonderful inspiring information… also very encouraging to see what God can do when we offer ourselves for His use.... may God visit you in a very special way and do you good even for how you've been a great blessing to my family.
You may not know but God has used you to make me have a spiritual breakthrough in my own life and my entire family immediate and extended. The best of all is how you taught me to take and use the spiritual authority from Jesus to COMMAND issues to align themselves with the will of God. Things are changing every moment.
I have taught myself to see things that are not as if they are according to God's will. (My daughter) is recovering with speed (and) even the medication was reduced to minimum. Rev, I just know that there is nothing much I am able to do to you now but just rest assured that as the Spirit of the living enables me, you will always be in my prayers. Keep very blessed and much love.

Cecilia (Kenya)

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