"Praise God Rev. Angela!"

We are privileged to hear many stories of how God has touched people's lives so powerfully. Here we present some of those stories in their own words....

I greet you in Jesus name. My name is Sarah and I have been told by our Bishop to send all the testimony that God did through you.

Pastor Japheth had been experiencing a lot of pain with his right eye which closed down. He did not see clearly for many years. After receiving prayers from you, he was healed in the name of Jesus and now he has a reason to praise God.

Evangelist Esther had a family curse for not relating well with her own family. The children would set off from home without her knowing and (on) no day (did) they try to communicate to her in any form. After the prayers from Rev. Angela, the children have started calling her through the phone and her ministry has been growing greatly. She says thanks to God.

Lucina had a serious backache that she could not clean even her house or do any light work. Since the prayers she is well (and) doing her work perfectly.

Onserio had a problem of not walking nor doing any job since his legs are paralyzed. He testifies that after the prayers from a powerful servant of God, he (is) able to walk a distance by the grace of God and he is looking forward to see Rev. Angela again back in Kenya.

Esther had a problem with her head and she could not walk a distance without having a rest but after prayers everything is done and she is still serving the Lord. She believes in God through Rev. Angela's prayers to get a child.

I, Sarah had a throat problem (so) that I could not swallow anything. I always felt that something is inside. The doctors said (there was) nothing. Since I received the prayers (I) am well and I can do all things in God who strengthens me. I hope to see Rev. Angela again in our church at Kenya - Kisii.

Ruth had a serious backache (so) that she could not carry heavy loads nor walk for a distance. After prayers she was healed and says to God to bless Rev. Angela so that she can come back again. Truly we were blessed by the word and may God bless you abundantly. Amen.

Sarah (Kisii, Kenya)

The pastors’ seminar on Deliverance by Angela Lynch was very transforming. Pastors appreciate to know how to deal with spiritual warfare and many of them were delivered from curses and demoniac attacks in their heads, stomachs and from having no breakthroughs in pastoral ministry. Pastors are thankful for the knowledge on how to deliver people they preach to from different tortures or bondages from the evil spirits.

Pastor Adir – District Overseer

Praise Jesus Rev. Angela,
Thanks for the Newsletter with wonderful inspiring information… also very encouraging to see what God can do when we offer ourselves for His use.... may God visit you in a very special way and do you good even for how you've been a great blessing to my family.
You may not know but God has used you to make me have a spiritual breakthrough in my own life and my entire family immediate and extended. The best of all is how you taught me to take and use the spiritual authority from Jesus to COMMAND issues to align themselves with the will of God. Things are changing every moment.
I have taught myself to see things that are not as if they are according to God's will. (My daughter) is recovering with speed (and) even the medication was reduced to minimum. Rev, I just know that there is nothing much I am able to do to you now but just rest assured that as the Spirit of the living enables me, you will always be in my prayers. Keep very blessed and much love.

Cecilia (Kenya)

Dear Rev. Angela,

Allow me to say that your teaching on the topic Holiness touched me so much, your teaching transformed me, create(d) in me a new direction, your teaching captured my life, your teaching has molded me and I am now in the original shape God created me. I have nothing to give you for that teaching on Holiness, but in the Name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, you will be a history maker within your country and the entire world, wait for God’s time, it will come to pass.

I humbly request that if God will be merciful and give you a vision for Africa, please, let Uganda be the first because our people have been suffering for quite a long time. I humbly request you to come to Northern Uganda one day. Be blessed!

Bishop Olet (Uganda)

“The church is doing well. I am so grateful to God for you and Martha, you left a revival in our church that has brought a big difference. We are now not striving, the Lord has brought people and put a burden in their hearts to serve in various departments in church.

We started a class on Saturdays that we call Deeper Life classes from 4pm to 6pm. We saw the need to equip new believers to do the work of ministry and just continue the good work you started when you were around.

Sunday School is doing very well, the material Sister Martha left for us have really assisted me. We now have an average of 25 kids attending our classes every Sunday. We are blessed.

My family is doing good, Zack and the kids are a blessing to me and I'm so thankful to God for them. I do part time business that you assisted me to start.”

Minnieh (Eldoret, Kenya)

Hello Rev. Angela

The Lord used you mightily in the conference, so that people were healed and delivered from Satan’s bondage. Your ministry is worthy of support in every way possible. We long to see you again.

We remain praying for you.
God bless you richly

Rev. Munyao (Kenya)

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