We give to God, the father of our Lord Jesus  Christ, all the glory and honour for the good work experienced in Turkana-Kenya done by the missionary Angela Lynch of the Focus On The World Ministries over the years.

In summary these are the fruits experienced:

1.    The healing / deliverance ministry.
Missionary Angela is gifted in preaching/teaching biblical based massages which bring life change to our believers. This is accompanied by setting free the possessed by evil spirits/curses, and many experience freedom from sickness after being prayed for in the name of Jesus  Christ.
For instance, personally I had a chest problem from childhood and I could cough throughout my life. But one day Angela Lynch visited me at Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church in Lodwar-Turkana and the Holy Spirit showed her the curse by the evil spirits which disturbed me for a long time. She prayed and rebuked the curses and now I am healed since that time that problem of persistence in coughing stopped and disappeared.

2.    My wife is now a successful business lady
after missionary Angela taught about business and eradicating poverty through hard work. She prayed and rebuked the spirit of poverty in our family. Right  now as a result of those prayers, my wife’s shop sells well and we have enough food for our family that even visitors  celebrate food when they visit us. Women in our churches are now competent business ladies after Angela’s teachings.

3.    Bicycles ministry for pastors and evangelist.
In 2019, Missionary Angela Lynch distributed new quality bicycles to P.A.G pastors  and evangelists at Kakuma in Turkana.
These bicycles help pastors and church evangelists to reach out with the gospel to very far villages, where going by foot is difficult. Many have accepted Christ in villages around Kakuma town where pastors  and evangelists reach them easily by bicycles ministry.

4.    Transformational teachings
on identifying cultic / occult objects  or items in shops or market places.
Many of our Christians and church leaders who have attended those teachings are now wise enough to reject items with pictures and drawings of idols from cultic/ ocultic world. For instance we never knew that the trade symbol NIKE is a symbol of a goddess of prosperity at Ephesus. Right now I can’t wear clothes with NIKE sign

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