Dear Pastor Angela,

I'd like to share with you the tremendous way in which your teaching entitled Climbing to New Heights has blessed me.

After listening to your teaching on face book live God really began to work in my life and lift so many things off of me that seemed to have been holding me back. Prior to your teaching I had felt discouraged regarding some issues with my home that would be costly to fix. They are cosmetic fixes and not necessity but nevertheless they had me feeling somewhat down. When you shared your message I felt a quickening in my spirit that even though financially I may not be able to make the big changes that I had desired I could still climb to new heights esthetically. I purchased a new mop, bleach for my flooring, hung new curtain panels and did a deep thorough cleaning of my home. Now I mop my floors daily and vaccum daily as well,whereas before it would have been every few days. I built my cat a beautiful cat tree that I ordered online and I am really enjoying the various different ways in which I have cleaned my place up.

Another way that God has moved following your teaching was with my physical wellbeing which in turn has positively affected my mental and emotional well being. After listening to your teaching on climbing to new heights I have taken up the hobby of walking. Each morning when I wake up I grab my dogs leash and we go for a twenty minute to one hour walk, depending on the day. Later in the evenings I usually take a second walk and I enjoy spending this time talking to the Lord, praying for myself and others and really enjoying nature.

This has been a supernatural experience for me. I know that this is God because for so long I had been struggling to become active. It had been weighing on me how badly I wanted to get up and walk but I felt as though something was holding me back. That is totally gone now. I have installed an app on my phone that counts my calories and helps me to journal my meals throughout the day. I have faithfully journaled since your teaching. I am so thankful for your obedience to the Lord in taking on this mission of face book live teachings. I have been so blessed and I just know that many others have been to.

Thank you so much pastor Angela.



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