"Praise God Rev. Angela!"

We are privileged to hear many stories of how God has touched people's lives so powerfully. Here we present some of those stories in their own words....

“The church is doing well. I am so grateful to God for you and Martha, you left a revival in our church that has brought a big difference. We are now not striving, the Lord has brought people and put a burden in their hearts to serve in various departments in church.

We started a class on Saturdays that we call Deeper Life classes from 4pm to 6pm. We saw the need to equip new believers to do the work of ministry and just continue the good work you started when you were around.

Sunday School is doing very well, the material Sister Martha left for us have really assisted me. We now have an average of 25 kids attending our classes every Sunday. We are blessed.

My family is doing good, Zack and the kids are a blessing to me and I'm so thankful to God for them. I do part time business that you assisted me to start.”

Minnieh (Eldoret, Kenya)

Hello Rev. Angela

The Lord used you mightily in the conference, so that people were healed and delivered from Satan’s bondage. Your ministry is worthy of support in every way possible. We long to see you again.

We remain praying for you.
God bless you richly

Rev. Munyao (Kenya)

Dear Reverend Angela,

I personally have been physically transformed by the power of prayer at one of your healing services.  My husband has witnessed how my life has turned around since the healing service in February last year [Toronto].   Though the healing  was not immediate, it did come gradually with faith.  I do at times struggle with intermittent discomfort now but in the big picture of things,  I am healed. I praise God for what he has already done and will be doing.  

Diane (Toronto)

Praise God Rev. Angela,
Greetings from Lira Uganda. I am Atim - you prayed for at Victory Outreach Church, Lira.
I am doing well and now working in Gulu. My life has changed so much – no more depression, hopelessness, heaviness etc. The Lord has taken care of every situation in my life.

Once again, I would like to thank God for the prayer of deliverance you offered for me, it has worked, is working and will work forever to make a difference in my life. I am grateful.

Atim (Uganda)

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